PHMC Volunteer of the Year Honorees for 2015, Pt. 2

Ephrata Cloister
Ephrata Cloister Associates
Jane Koch
Jane Koch began her volunteer service at Ephrata with the school programs, sharing the stories of the Sisters’ House and the Meetinghouse with hundreds of school children each year. Her interest in the internal workings of the site soon found her a seat on the Board of Directors, where her organizational skills and attention to detail were quickly utilized as Secretary. Jane has taken the lead in preparing and organizing Ephrata Cloister Associates’ PANO governance documents, keeping everyone informed and on track. She also serves as the Board liaison to all the educational and public programs, working with the Museum Educator to develop budget recommendations and program adjustments. For her dedication and devotion to Ephrata’s mission and visitors, we thank her and are pleased to honor her as Volunteer of the Year.

Erie Maritime Museum and U.S. Brig Niagara
Flagship Niagara League
Jeanne Baker
Jeanne Baker joined the Volunteer Guides at the Erie Maritime Museum and Flagship Niagara in June of 2014 and immediately brought her time, eagerness, and talent to the Museum, along with a great deal of joyful enthusiasm. Not only did she serve as a Scheduled Guide twice each week in the Erie Maritime Museum, she could also be called on for special events and as a substitute when needed. She has also become a valued volunteer in the museum gift shop. We are extremely grateful for Jeanne’s time and work in our Museum complex.

Graeme Park
Friends of Graeme Park
Carol Brunner
Carol Brunner began her volunteer career at Graeme Park in 2002, demonstrating quill writing and open hearth cooking at Living History Sundays. From 2003 through 2010, she organized the Summer History Camp. Using her years of experience as a teacher, Carol led the school tour committee in designing a program to meet the Pennsylvania fourth grade social studies standards, using key areas of focus on the site’s history with a special script for house tours and site activities. Carol has also served as a member of the Board of Directors, managed the Gift Shop, and with her team, “The Gardeners of the Crooked Billet,” has kept the site looking lovely with a colonial herb garden and the many beautiful flower gardens scattered throughout the property. We thank Carol for all she has done to strengthen the site and for all she continues to do to help make Graeme Park an attractive and educational place to visit.

Hope Lodge
Friends of Hope Lodge
John A. Smith, Jr.
John Smith began volunteering at Hope Lodge several years ago and has worked with the Garden Committee on numerous projects, repairing and painting fences, clearing underbrush, pruning shrubs and small trees, shaping and mulching garden beds, and giving the entrances a welcoming look. He has also been invaluable in finding new volunteers and getting people involved with the site. He has been especially successful in recruiting Scouts and their families to participate in spring and fall clean-up days, assist a local stonemason in repairing the mansion’s stone steps, and undertaking site improvement projects as part of their Eagle Scout requirements. In numerous ways, John has made a tremendous difference to the look of the site. We appreciate all that he has done and are pleased to honor him as Volunteer of the Year.

Joseph Priestley House
The Friends of Joseph Priestley House
Michael Kuhns
Michael Kuhns served on the Board of Directors of the Joseph Priestley House as its Treasurer from 2010 through 2015. His dedication and commitment have helped ensured the financial health of the site and its operations. Mike also attends special events and serves in various capacities as needed, including stepping in at the last minute to replace the speaker at our annual dinner, saving us all embarrassment and chagrin. Mike has used his knowledge of machinery to repair and extend the life of equipment and tools used around the site. His love of history and curiosity of the why and when and who of events expressed as questions to our docents has improved their skill and the experience of visitors. For his faithful service and willingness to help wherever needed, we are truly grateful and are pleased to honor Mike as Volunteer of the Year.

Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum
Landis Valley Associates
Gloria Stevens
Gloria Stevens is a Master Gardener and has generously shared her knowledge and skills with the Heirloom Seed Program at Landis Valley for the past seven years, volunteering about 95 days a year. A hard worker, she is willing to tackle whatever garden jobs need to be done. Gloria is a good planner, and she is keen to ensure that we grow a selection of seedlings to maximize every inch of the greenhouse while also providing what gardeners are looking to purchase at the annual Herb and Garden Faire. A valuable member of the team of Tuesday and Thursday Heirloom Seed Project volunteers, Gloria has also been a steadfast volunteer at site events including Herb & Garden Faire and Harvest Days. We greatly appreciate her dedication to Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum and are pleased to honor her as Volunteer of the Year.

Old Economy Village
Friends of Old Economy Village
Eileen Gross
When Eileen started volunteering four years ago her friendly personality and ready sense of humor helped her quickly fit in to the group and make friends among her fellow docents. Starting as an historic tour guide, it wasn’t long before Eileen signed up to do the educational tours as well. Wherever there is a need you will find Eileen, whether it’s baking grape pies, cleaning the historic buildings, decorating for Christmas, or preparing exhibits. She never waits to be asked she just signs up and shows up, often bringing a friend along to festivals to lend an extra hand or providing transportation for fellow volunteers who don't drive. Eileen is always positive and supportive of the site and the staff. Her contributions to enhancing and promoting Old Economy Village are greatly appreciated.