Weiser Homestead Celebrates the Fourth

On a sunny Sunday afternoon at the beginning of July (the day after Independence Day, in fact), 600-700 people showed up at the Conrad Weiser Homestead to enjoy a concert on the grounds and to honor Reading-area veterans. Mary Fenton, who helped to organize the event, told me that nearly 100 veterans were present to be recognized. Veterans registered with the site ahead of time so that Mary could prepare certificates for each one. It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful afternoon and a great way to celebrate our country.

The concert was presented by the Ringgold Band, founded in Reading in 1852 and dedicated to preserving the traditions of concert band music (traditions which, I’m guessing, they helped to start in the band’s early days).

According to their website, the Ringgold Band ends most concerts with “Stars and Stripes Forever,” in honor of John Philip Sousa (read the rather poignant story here). I can practically hear it now.

Many thanks to Mary Fenton and George Hetrick for sharing their photos of the event.


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