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For a bunch of historians, we really are making progress with new technologies. Many of the sites on the Pennsylvania Trails of History (including the Trails as a whole) have embraced social media as a great way to make new friends and keep up with old (uh, long-time) ones. At last count we had more than 1300 fans for the Facebook pages related to the Trails of History.

Admittedly, I am something of a newbie when it comes to Facebook. But I always look forward to seeing status updates from our sites on my News Feed. I was intrigued, for example, when the Anthracite Museum announced a celebration of the 180th anniversary of the Yuengling brewery (with samples) and really wished I lived closer to Scranton.

Drake Well Museum’s director has kept us updated on Oil 150 events (also see last week’s Trailheads post) and shared photos of various programs during the year-long (plus) celebration.

Fans of Somerset Historical Center have followed some of the preparation for Mountain Craft Days as well as the reconstruction of a log barn at the 1830s Farmstead.

I’m always interested to see what shows up from Landis Valley Museum —program previews, news updates, and tantalizing promises of ice cream sundaes in September (on Sundays, of course).

PHMC/Landis Valley Museum

Old Economy Village’s page features images of the always-photogenic site, and earlier this fall, staff posted video of last year’s Erntefest (harvest festival) to entice visitors to this year’s program.

Graeme Park treats their fans to updates on programs and events and posts photos of the site during different seasons of the year (spring was particularly nice this year).

Fans of Cornwall Iron Furnace, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and The State Museum of Pennsylvania can keep up with their favorite site and hear about upcoming events or exhibits.

You can keep up with all of our sites (even those without a fan page) by becoming a fan of Pennsylvania Trails of History. Or by following us on Twitter or our YouTube channel. Whatever way you choose to enter the trails, we’re sure you’ll find something to explore and return to again and again.


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