Sharing Pennsylvania's Heritage

Those of you Trailheads out there from the tail end of the Baby Boom will probably remember My Weekly Reader as a staple of your elementary school career. I think I’m having a sense memory of how the paper smelled—but now it’s called Weekly Reader and is also a website. Fast forward to 2010 and you’ll find PHMC’s new initiative for 8-12 year olds, myHeritage newsletter.

In concert with Pennsylvania Heritage magazine, myHeritage helps families and teachers share the Commonwealth’s vast and varied stories with their kids. This online newsletter will be published quarterly (like the magazine), and each newsletter feature is confined to one page, which makes it an excellent classroom resource as a handout. Check out the first issue now for a sneak peek at things to come.

Students enjoying a traveling trunk program from Eckley Miners' Village/photo by Bill Strassner

Student Historians at Ephrata Cloister/photo by Elizabeth Bertheaud

Of course, heritage education is a big part of everything we do on the Pennsylvania Trails of History. From in-school visits and on-site field trips to workshops, summer camps, and family programs, our staff and volunteers share their love of history with visitors of all ages. Maybe you have a favorite site or want to find new stories to explore. Whatever your historical interests, come experience more with us by traveling the Trails of History.


Karen said...

This is great! I'm going to share this resource with the students in my teaching secondary social studies class when we get back from spring break.

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