March is more than just Charter Day

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Goodbye, February! March looks to be coming in like a lion, but it feels like turning a corner, nevertheless. As many of you Trailheads know, March means Charter Day. On the second Sunday in March (the 14th this year), we celebrate King Charles II’s 1681 grant to William Penn of the land that became Pennsylvania. Some of that land eventually became Delaware and New Jersey, but that’s a reality show for another day.

PHMC/Pennsylvania State Archives

The original charter is in safe keeping at the Pennsylvania State Archives, with a replica on display at the State Museum. For Charter Day, however, the original gets to come out into the (appropriately subdued) light at the Museum. This year, in support of PHMC’s 2010 theme of African American history, the Museum will also display the 1780 Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery (through June 20, 2010).

PHMC/Pennsbury Manor

Most of the sites on the Pennsylvania Trails of History are open to the public free of charge on Charter Day, with some offering extra programs (check out Trailheads on March 12 for more info on Charter Day activities). As always, we recommend that you check ahead to see if the site you want to visit will be open when you plan to be there.

As important as Charter Day is, it’s not the only thing happening in March; here’s a preview of other site events and exhibits coming up:


Anonymous said...

What about the charter day activities at other sites that aren't around the Harrisburg area?

The Anthracite Heritage Museum is opening a new exhibit on "Wales in America" on March 14th about the Welsh immigrants who came and settled in this country (of which, the Scranton area has the most in the entire US!). Eckley will also have The Breaker Boys featuring Tommy Symons and Stu Richards performing at their charter day on March 7th!

Amy Killpatrick Fox said...

Watch for a Trailheads post on March 12 with more details about site activities on Charter Day. Also, the Pennsylvania Military Museum exhibit noted above will happen at a later date (not opening March 14). We'll keep you posted.

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