Pennsylvania's History Bill of Rights

Regular readers of Trailheads and followers of Pennsylvania's budget saga know that the Pennsylvania Trails of History (along with lots of other history organizations) have been dealing with severe reductions in state funding this fiscal year. The need for the services provided by our sites and by other staff of the PHMC has not subsided, however. At many museums across the state, visitation is up, as Pennsylvanians and heritage travelers from all over the country and the world continue to seek out meaningful and enjoyable experiences.

As a way to wrap our arms and brains around the needs of history "consumers," if you will, PHMC has articulated 6 provisions of the Pennsylvania History Bill of Rights.

PHMC/Ephrata Cloister

I. Pennsylvania's students understand history in the context of local, national, and world events.

PHMC/Erie Maritime Museum & Flagship Niagara

II. The Commonwealth maintains a competitive position as a premier tourism destination for heritage travelers.

1780 Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery/Pennsylvania State Archives

III. Citizens have access to the permanent records of government and the permanently valuable documents which tell the history of the Commonwealth.

PHMC/Anthracite Heritage Museum

IV. Current and future generations are assured that historical resources are preserved for their enjoyment and use.

PHMC/Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum

V. Museums, historical societies, and historic sites receive adequate public and private support to maintain high standards of stewardship and public access.

PHMC/Bureau for Historic Preservation

VI. Communities retain their historic character that is essential to attracting and retaining residents, businesses, and visitors.

On Charter Day, visitors to sites on the Trails of History were asked to tell us which 3 of the 6 were most important. In a future post, I'll report on the results, but I don't want to skew the returns--the poll to the right of your screen (just a bit below the big TRAILHEADS title) gives YOU a chance to weigh in now. The feedback we're getting will help as we focus our resources and find the best ways for all of us to move forward into the second decade (the ought-teens?) of the 21st century. Thank you, as always, for your interest and support.


Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to encourage my history education students and the students in my PA history classes to vote (which means that hopefully you'll get more participants in the blog).

Faye said...

I owe my enjoyment of doing the Historic arts to the classes that were offered by Landis Valley Musuem. I have been going there and learning about the wonderful arts of the past for 30 years or so. I hope that it is still there for the enjoyment of the younger generation

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