Summer camping on the Trails of History

Oh, how I wish there had been a summer history camp in my neighborhood when I was a kid. It would have saved me that very uncomfortable week of sports camp. The less said about that, the better. Today’s young history lovers have a choice, though. A chance to be outside with other kids, but without all that awkward “choosing up sides.” Heaven. At least for this nerd.

Anyway, the Trails of History offer a wide variety of summer day camps for kids (there’s even one for grown-ups). Hands-on learning, crafts, and field trips are standard fare for summer camps, but history camps focus those activities on a historic site or museum and put them in an interesting and unique context. They give kids a taste of how museums work, how historians know what they know (and what they don’t know), and what life was like for people of the past. Along with a healthy dose of fun, fresh air, and (more or less) historically accurate snacks. What’s not to like?

Ages vary for the camps, but most are open to children in the mid-to-upper elementary grades. Also (shameless plug alert), many of the camps offer a discount for members of the site friends group, so you can join, support the site (take part in its advocacy efforts), AND save some money. Everybody wins!

PHMC/Anthracite Heritage Museum

Anthracite Heritage Museum
Coal Country Camp: July 13-16

Brandywine Battlefield
Summer History Camp: June 21-25, July 5-9, July 12-16, July 19-23, July 26-30, August 2-6, August 9-13

Eckley Miners’ Village
Children’s History Camp: July 12-14

Graeme Park
Colonial Living Camp: August 9-13

Joseph Priestley House
Summer History Camp: July 21-23

Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum
54th Annual Summer Institute (this one is for grown-ups): June 14-18
Summer Camp: June 15-18, July 13-16, July 20-23

PHMC/Old Economy Village

Old Economy Village
Summer Day Camp: August 2-6

Pennsbury Manor
Colonial Camp: July 12-16, July 26-30

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Barons and Builders Camp: July 12-16, July 26-30


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