Wednesday Tidbits--September 22, 2010

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Photo from 52 Beginnings blog by Dana Casanave

Drake Well Museum made an appearance in the blog "52 Beginnings" recently. Blogger Dana Casanave is attempting to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise awareness and financial support for South African AIDS orphans (each marathon run is dedicated to a different child). When Dana was in Titusville in August for the Drake Well Marathon, she was impressed by the unique item (pictured above) in the customary race packet. "We got to Titusville, where in 1859 oil was successfully drilled, making it the birthplace of the modern oil industry. Oil related businesses quickly exploded on the scene and in the 1860's 8 refineries were built, growing the town from 250 to over 10,000. As Nicole and I went through our race packets, we found our own little bottle of crude oil! Not sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew my kids would find it pretty cool and I'll give the race points for it being my most unique race packet sample!"

PHMC/Pennsylvania Military Museum

Photos from the Pennsylvania Military Museum's latest edition of the Then & NOW Military Timeline program are available on their website. The photo above captures the gamut of time periods covered by the program.


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