Running Through History

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What do you get when you combine oil industry heritage with a group of die-hard trail runners from all over the eastern U.S.? The Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs, that’s what you get. The OC100 took place around Titusville two weekends ago with over 200 runners in 3 distance categories—50K, 100K, and (pause for effect) 100 miles. That’s right, 100 miles. Overnight. Much of it on wooded hiking trails in Oil Creek State Park. Madness, I tell you—sheer madness.


Okay, so maybe I’m more than a bit of a couch potato, but these folks are SERIOUS runners. Even the 50K runners do more than a marathon, which is why this is called Ultra Trail Running. Anyway, the reason this is a topic on Trailheads is that this year, for the 2nd annual OC100, the course included a one-mile loop through the grounds of Drake Well Museum. The museum kept the (very noisy) Olin Hit and Miss engine operating during the night to give the runners something to take their minds off the searing pain in their legs (one runner mentions it in her blog post about the race).


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