Wednesday Tidbits November 10, 2010

If you drive along Route 6 in Potter County, between Galeton and Coudersport, you’ll notice something new across from Denton Hill ski area. Or actually, several somethings. There’s now a cheerful, more colorful entrance sign letting visitors know that they have arrived at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum (which reopens for the season in April).

PHMC/Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

But in a bit of whimsy not often found on the Trails of History, you’ll also see something that we affectionately call “People on a Stick.” Designed to evoke workers from lumber history, the figures are also meant to help attract the attention of potential visitors (keep both hands on the wheel, please) approaching from Galeton, Wellsboro, and points east.

PHMC/Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

I’m told that a contest to help name the people on a stick is in the works—watch this space for more details. Happy Wednesday.


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