Many thanks to Sue Beates, Daniel Weaver, and Barbara Zolli at Drake Well for the info and photos and Brenda Reigle for the title for this post.

PHMC/Drake Well Museum

It may look like just a bunch of boxes to some, but to us it looks like spanking new collections storage shelving for Drake Well Museum. Work on the expansion and renovation of the visitor center continues (we posted some progress photos here in August) and visions of moving back into the building are dancing in the heads of site staff.

PHMC/Drake Well Museum

The compact shelving hiding in the boxes in the top photo will glide on tracks to be installed in the new collections storage space shown above. The tracks allow for easy movement of the shelving units and make maximum use of the space. It’s actually pretty cool.

Okay, so I’m a geek. We’ll keep you posted as the building interiors (and the new exhibit!!) take shape.


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