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I feel like I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about educational offerings on the Trails of History. As a museum educator, I tend to think that everything we do is educational in some way or another. That’s how I roll (ahem). But seriously, as we’ve spent the past year (longer than that, really) trying to more clearly articulate PHMC’s value, education is a big part of the discussion. Last month, a handful of us were able to attend a multi-day institute organized by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education to help teachers and administrators navigate state academic standards (and their national counterparts). It was very energizing and confirmed that our sites and museums have a vital role to play in supporting and enhancing classroom education and 21st-century learning.

In addition to the many school programs and adult/family learning opportunities our sites provide, we also get a chance to shape the future with educational programs aimed at people exploring possible careers in museum work or skilled trades/traditional crafts or professional development for those already embarked on teaching careers.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in work experience and career exploration can apply through the Keystone Internship Program for summer internships at historic sites and museums, the State Archives, or the Bureau for Historic Preservation. This past August, Trailheads introduced you to the summer 2010 crop of interns (it took 3 posts—here, here, and here).

PHMC/Drake Well Museum

Keystone Internships are (due to budget cutbacks) unpaid, but most students receive academic credit through their college or university. Please note that the list of internship opportunities on our website is currently being updated and does not reflect what’s available for summer 2011. Please check back for new info or, if you are interested in a particular site or area of Pennsylvania, contact the specific sites directly to see if they can host an intern. Or post a comment here on Trailheads about your interest and I can help you make contact. The application deadline for summer 2011 Keystone Internships is Jan. 21, although you can contact sites or other PHMC offices at any time during the year to discuss internship opportunities.

PHMC/Daniel Boone Homestead

Students or recent graduates of post-secondary trade schools, technical colleges, or other training programs who want to learn important skills for work in the historic preservation field can apply for the 6th annual Summer Apprenticeship Program. Apprenticeships last 12 weeks during the summer and provide an hourly wage while students learn a variety of craft and building trades taught by preservation professionals. PHMC and its partner organizations offer apprenticeships in several locations around eastern and central Pennsylvania. The deadline for applications is April 30.

PHMC, working with the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit and the Capital Area Intermediate Unit, is currently recruiting K-6 teachers, librarians, and special education teachers for a grant-funded professional development program, “Exploring Colonial America.” As with past offerings, this program provides content and skill development during spring and summer meetings, as well as during the interim (via the Internet). Teachers in the two host intermediate units are invited to apply by January 31 for this year’s program.


Anonymous said...

How ironic that you write all about museums and education and our lame duck education governor has stated that museums (à la the PHMC) are no longer part of the "core" mission of the Commonwealth. All I can say is, "Preach it sister!"

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