Wrapping Up March

As March draws to a close (with various amounts of snow, depending on where you are), here are a few items that might interest.

Tonight’s episode of NBC’s genealogy-themed show “Who Do You Think You Are?” includes a visit to the Pennsylvania State Archives. Archivist Aaron McWilliams meets with award-winning actor Steve Buscemi to help him research one of his ancestors. (Please forgive me, but I can’t help thinking of wood chippers—Fargo is one of my favorite Buscemi movies.) I liked one of the comments I saw on NBC’s website from a man who said he’d learned a lot about researching his own family’s history by watching this show. Even as more and more genealogy sources are available online, we still need repositories and archivists. I like that this show takes the celebs (and viewers) to see the real stuff.

The Anthracite Heritage Museum has reopened to the public, following a two-month hiatus. A major project to overhaul the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems meant that it was best for visitors if the museum closed. But now, things are in shape to open the doors again. Starting in April, the museum will be open 7 days a week.

PHMC/Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

A talk by Michael Emery on Pennsylvania German architecture this Sunday, March 27, will conclude Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum’s (free) March lecture series. Landis Valley has also just launched its new cell phone tours, joining other PHMC sites that use hand-held technology to help visitors learn more about the things that interest them.

We’ve mentioned before that the Ephrata Cloister Associates recently received a Nonprofit Innovation award from the Central Penn Business Journal—here’s photographic proof.
Congratulations, again!

We take our history seriously on the Trails of History, but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy ourselves. Take a peek at the staff of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania during a recent commercial shoot for the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau. Thanks to PDCVB for the photos.


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