William Penn’s Legacy: Another Look

Back in February, we talked about PHMC’s 2011 theme, “William Penn’s Legacy: Religious and Spiritual Diversity” and promised to keep you updated as theme-related stuff rolled out. So, here we go.

The theme website has launched and includes loads of resources for learning more about the complex roles of religion in Pennsylvania’s fascinating history. The Trails of History page, in particular, features information on and links to the PHMC sites that are most closely tied to this year’s theme.

The Winter, Spring, and Summer 2011 issues of Pennsylvania Heritage magazine are filled with articles on various aspects of Penn’s religious legacy, including an article in the Summer issue by former PHMC staffer (and friend of Trailheads), John Robinson, focused on Trails of History sites. (In a tangential but not unrelated note, the summer issue also includes a new Trailheads feature that will appear quarterly until they tell me to stop.) Links to some of the theme-related articles, as well as other interesting reading, are here.

A brief commercial break: You can purchase individual copies of Pennsylvania Heritage at PABookstore.com or receive a subscription as part of your Pennsylvania Heritage Society membership (we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming).

The Pennsylvania Military Museum has a temporary exhibit that explores the topic of religion and military conflicts, highlighting objects, images, and information from the museum’s collections. As the PMM website explains, “Special exhibit labels discuss the organization of the U.S. chaplaincy corps, religious and mystical symbology, the rationalization of warfare through religious beliefs and the impact of faith through the spirituality of individuals throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.”

Oh, and if anyone other than John Robinson played “Name That Zoom” a couple of weeks ago, PA Military Museum was, indeed, the answer.


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