This is My History, Among Other Things

PHMC has launched a new photo campaign called “This is My History.” You can take part by submitting photos of historic buildings, landscapes, streetscapes, archaeological excavations (to name a few) in your community. Photos submitted by Oct. 31 will be considered for inclusion in the Statewide Historic Preservation Plan for 2012-2017. But even the photos not selected for the plan (and those submitted by the final deadline of Dec. 31) will be available for history and preservation-minded folks to enjoy via PHMC’s Flickr account (that’s where you submit your photos). More information is available here, including a nifty (did I say nifty?) sign you can include in your photos.

Camp Tweedale, Lower Oxford Township, Chester County

Speaking of preservation (smooth, huh?), we had told you about the International Preservation Trades Workshop happening in Lancaster last week. There were lots of conference sessions and workshops, including a project to put a new slate roof on the bake oven at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum. (More photos of IPTW are available on Preservation Trades Network’s FB page.)

PHMC/Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum/photo by Cindy Reedy

PHMC/Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum/photo by Cindy Reedy

Staff and volunteers at Somerset Historical Center are getting ready for a visit from the Civil War 150 Road Show, August 26-28. They opened a temporary exhibit earlier this summer and hosted a review of military and civilian clothing from the Civil War era. Now they’re (that’s Historical & Genealogical Society of Somerset County volunteers Carl Kahl, Chris Zanoni, and Gary Burkett) hoisting the banners to get ready for a weekend of encampments, programs, and the traveling exhibit.

PHMC/Somerset Historical Center/photo by Mark Ware

Pennsylvania Military Museum has posted photos on their Facebook page of two recent events--Vietnam Revisited and Boot Camp for Kids (a new program this year where kids got a taste of basic training and military service from people who’ve lived it). I had to pick one boot camp photo to share here (notice the heavy downpour?), but if you visit their page, or this article in the Centre Daily Times, you’ll see lots more.

PHMC/Pennsylvania Military Museum


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