No Frost on the Pumpkin

Reminder: If you want to submit photos to the “This is MY HISTORY” photo contest and have them considered for inclusion in the statewide preservation plan, the deadline is Oct. 31. Hurry!!

Usually at this time of year, I write a post about Halloween-themed programs on the Trails of History. I’m not really feelin’ it this year, though. Maybe it’s because it was 60°F at 7:00 Thursday morning and looks to stay in the sixties for the next week (groovy, man). Maybe it’s because the world might come to an end today. Maybe I just haven’t had enough Hershey’s miniatures yet. It’s hard to say.

Perhaps if I made a scarecrow to “plant” in the wildflower meadow at Drake Well Museum, I’d be more in the spirit (so to speak). Handmade scarecrows can be delivered to the Museum during open hours between now and Oct. 29. Judging in several categories will be Oct. 30 and there will be prizes. Learn more here and good luck if you enter.

Or I could explore my Celtic roots at the Scranton Iron Furnaces during the Samhain Harvest Festival and Bonfire tonight. As site administrator Chester Kulesa explains (see local news coverage here), this is a nice tie between the historic site and the many local miners who came from the British Isles in the 19th and 20th centuries. They’re also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Iron Furnaces’ listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Proceeds from this program will help support the popular Arts on Fire event held in June.

Maybe a trip to Eerie (ahem) is in order to check out Ghosts Afloat, a new Erie Maritime Museum/Flagship Niagara event (although I understand it’s actually a revived program—insert your own reanimation joke here). With folks from Mercyhurst College, Ghosts Afloat brings to life history and local lore and will be offered this weekend and next. Go here for info on ticket availability, and keep an eye on the weather (they had to cancel one night last weekend due to high winds).

For more programs and events coming up this month, you can read the October program preview here. I think I’m starting to feel a little more Halloweeny—although I will up my dosage of miniature peanut butter cups to be sure.


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