Making and Sharing Memories

The Manor House at Pennsbury (site photo)
Pennsbury Manor opened to the public as a historic site in 1939. As part of the lead-up to the 75th anniversary, visitors (past and present) are invited to share their memories of Pennsbury on Facebook (here). Carol Hill recently stopped by to share the journal of her great great grandfather, Thomas Crozier, with Pennsbury’s staff and summer interns. The Crozier family built a home in the 1830s on the foundation of what had been the Penn family’s manor house (no longer standing by that time). The Crozier House was moved when the manor house was reconstructed in the 1930s (go here for a map showing the current location of the buildings). At last check, people are already adding their comments to the Facebook page.

Boot Camp 2013 Participants via PA Military Museum Facebook page
As they are in the habit of doing, Pennsylvania Military Museum shared tons of photos from their most recent Boot Camp for Kids event on Facebook. (You can find albums here and here.) This was the third year for the program; several kids have moved up in rank by participating multiple years. There is some serious teamwork going on in those photos and, just guessing here, some truly memorable experiences.

Bushy Run Battlefield monument and sculptor Wayne Hyde (photo by Janice Mullin)
Last weekend’s commemoration of the Battle of Bushy Run included the reenactments, encampments, sutlers, and historical talks that are a staple of this annual event at Bushy Run Battlefield. Special for 2013, the 250th anniversary, was the dedication and unveiling of a new memorial sculpture dedicated to all those who fought and died in the battle, which was part of Pontiac’s War. The sculpture and other commemoration activities were organized by the Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society, which operates the site in partnership with PHMC. A delegation from the Seneca Nation of Indians participated in the event. (The Westmoreland County Historical Society shared photos of Saturday’s activities on their Facebook page here.)

Parade of Sail, Tall Ships Erie 2010 (photo by John Baker)
With Tall Ships Erie 2013 just a month away, the Flagship Niagara League has announced the final program for the event, Sept. 5-8. There will be a wide scope of things to do (besides visiting the Erie Maritime Museum), with children’s activities, music, history talks, fireworks, and the opening Parade of Sail. (Go here for a detailed schedule.) 2013 marks the bicentennial of the Battle of Lake Erie, in which Niagara played a pivotal and decisive role. The ship has been out and about in the Great Lakes this summer at tall ship festivals in other cities (just took 2nd place in a challenge race from Duluth to Chicago), heads back to Erie to host TSE2013, then sails over to Put-in Bay, Ohio, for the official commemoration of the battle on Sept. 10.


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