Happy Thanksgiving!

Bounty at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum via Facebook

The post is a little early this week to get a jump on the holiday. To all Trailheads readers (hi, mom) and guest bloggers from the past year, I offer a hearty “thank you” for your support. May you all enjoy some delicious food, good company, and a chance to spend time with the folks you love. All sites on the Trails of History will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, some will reopen on Friday for visitors, and then all will be back to their regular schedules on the weekend (it’s always a good idea to check ahead to make sure the site you want to visit will be open when you plan to be there).

Please remember our museum stores when you think of your holiday shopping—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. Your purchases help to support educational programs and events. Speaking of which...

Special events between now and the next Trailheads post:


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