A Roundup for the Edge of Summer

Tomorrow is the official start of summer, although I’d say the 90-degree temps earlier this week qualify as well. The list of June events was posted a few weeks ago, but please note that there have been some additions and updates (worth another look if you’re headed to the Trails of History this weekend).

I should have shared this before (or maybe I did and I forgot). To find all of PHMC’s Facebook posts in one spot, be sure to follow the Pennsylvania Trails of History interest page (in addition to the regular PATOH FB page).

I attended Pennsbury Manor’s “Brews and Bites” event Saturday (they shared photos on Facebook). It was a beautiful evening along the Delaware River with excellent food, great beer from a variety of brewers, and an amazing selection of (definitely not 17th-century) music. Once you’ve watched “William Penn” and friends dancing to “YMCA,” you know it’s a party. Next year, get your tickets early; I predict that word-of-mouth will make them sell quickly.

A good time was had by all (photo by AKF)

For Father’s Day, Ephrata Cloister offered hands-on activities related to apprenticeship, carpentry, papermaking, and printing. The following day, a lovely article in the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era featured a family who attended as a way to celebrate and spend time together doing something meaningful and fun. Their comments should warm the heart of anyone who works with historic sites or museums and anyone who has fond memories of museum visits with family or friends. Those of you who, like me, fall into both categories might want to grab a tissue.

With support from the American Chemical Society, the Friends of Joseph Priestley House have produced a new video about Dr. Priestley's discovery of carbon monoxide (this particular discovery took place in the laboratory attached to his home in Northumberland - part of the PA Trails of History). The video illustrates the scientific work of Priestley and his contemporaries. We then see Dr. Dee Casteel perform an experiment to isolate carbon monoxide using modern laboratory equipment and safeguards. The video finishes up by highlighting the dangers of carbon monoxide, its industrial use, and ways to make your home safer. At 11 minutes, the video is too long for me to embed, but I encourage you to watch it on the Joseph Priestley House website and respond to the short survey they've included to provide feedback for future efforts.

AAA New York’s website features a nice article by Robert Sinclair about his visit to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. He includes photos from his visit, including the current exhibit on railroad dining cars.

GoErie.com has photos of the fireworks display at the Erie Maritime Museum and US Brig Niagara Mariner’s Ball a couple of weeks ago. A nice way to warm up for Independence Day.


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