Have a question? #AskaCurator

Sarah Buffington, curator of Old Economy Village, cleans a historic quilt in storage.  Buffington is one of three curators who will take part in #AskaCurator Day on Wednesday.  (Photo courtesy of Old Economy Village) 

Nearly every guest who strolls through a museum has questions beyond what the exhibits and volunteers can answer.  

Here's your chance to dig deep and quell your curiosity.

On Wednesday, curators from three stops along the Pennsylvania Trails of History will break free from their jobs and log on to Twitter for International Ask a Curator Day.  

From 11 a.m. to noon, Todd Galle, a curator at Pennsbury Manor in Bucks County, will field questions on military history, specifically World War I and the American Civil War. 

Previously, Todd served as assistant curator of military, political and industrial history at The State Museum of Pennsylvania. 

Do you have questions about historic clothing and textiles? Between 1 and 2 p.m., Sarah Buffington, curator at Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pa., will offer insights on furniture, pottery, communalism, archival arrangement and exhibit production.  

Next, join Susan Beates, curator at Drake Well Museum in Titusville, Pa., between 2:15 and 3:15 p.m. as she answers questions regarding historic photographs, archives and oil technology.  

Susan received a Master of Arts in Public History from West Virginia University and Bachelor of Arts in History & Folk Arts from the same university.  She's been floating in oil since February 1998.  

Want to participate in the Q&As? 
Tweet your questions to @PHMC using the hashtag #AskaCurator . 
Not sure what to ask?  Here's a short list of questions visitors often ask of curators: 
-- What is it like to be a curator?
-- What is your favorite artifact?
-- What is the oldest piece in your collection?
-- Which artifact has the best story?
-- Which artifact makes you laugh and/or cry?
-- How do you know when to wear gloves?
-- How do you decide which artifacts go on display. 

*Please refrain from asking for item appraisals or artifact identification. 


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