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Most sites on the PA Trails of History will be closed Monday, Oct. 13, for Columbus Day, but please check the list to see which ones will be open for visitors. The October program listings were posted last week, and I will continue to update them as I get new information.

This week's post is a selection of items that have come across my desk recently. I hope you'll find something new and interesting. And if not, I hope you'll have a good weekend anyway.

I have not been following closely the development of the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, but I did notice when I saw Facebook posts from two Trails of History sites related to the project. While the building is under construction, an elm tree will be cultivated and eventually planted at the museum as part of its opening ceremony (a couple of years from now, according to current plans). Soil from various Revolutionary battlefields, encampments, and other significant sites was collected to help nourish this modern-day Liberty Tree. Ephrata Cloister, which was the site of a makeshift military hospital after the Battle of Brandywine, and Washington Crossing Historic Park, where you-know-who crossed the you-know-what, both contributed to this collaborative effort.

Volunteer Clair Garman, photo courtesy of Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum
As Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum gears up for Harvest Days this weekend (Oct. 11-12), the local news ran a feature article about Clair Garman, who was the recipient of a PHMC Outstanding Service Award in 2012. He has been a volunteer at the museum since the 1950s and is particularly known for his wood-working skills.

Making a return appearance to the Erie Maritime Museum's Hirt Auditorium, The Hardtackers performed a free concert on Saturday, Sept. 27. They filmed the concert for an upcoming DVD, which will showcase their renditions of traditional and contemporary sea shanties. The following song from The Hardtackers' YouTube Channel features images of US Brig Niagara.


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