Catching up on a few things

Be sure to check out the December program listings to see what's happening on the Trails of History this weekend.

Most of what follows isn't really "catching up" in the sense that it's old news, but the first item is.

As I finally trolled through more than a month's worth of Google Alerts, I came across a listing for PCN's "It's History" featuring Drake Well Museum. Actually it was a repeat broadcast from January (of what year?!?) that I apparently missed the first time around as well. The half-hour video introduces the site's mission and interpretation and then provides a tour of some of the site's offerings.

US Brig Niagara's winter cover via Facebook
One of the surest signs of the changing seasons is the return of the Brig Niagara's winter cover (or its removal). Of course, winter usually comes to Erie a bit sooner than it does for those of us in the lower counties, but nevertheless. For me, it's sort of like when Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, only months earlier and not a groundhog. (Oh dear, I may have waited too late to start the daily dose of eggnog and Christmas cookies.)

Pennsbury Manor photo by Alina Marone via Facebook
Last week's Holly Nights program at Pennsbury Manor included something extra special in honor of the site's 75th anniversary. In addition to the candlelight, firelight, and lanternlight (not sure that's a word, but I'm going with it) visitors have come to expect at this long-running event, Thursday night's program ended with a bang - fireworks on the banks of the Delaware. The Bucks County Courier Times was on hand and has posted video of the evening's festivities, and Pennsbury's Facebook page includes a number of photos (like the one above) submitted by people who attended. It looks like a wonderful evening.

Three days after the fireworks at Pennsbury, the banks of the Delaware were treated to a different type of noisemaker when Washington Crossing Historic Park held the dress rehearsal for the annual Christmas crossing. Muskets and cannon were fired to make sure everyone was in practice (the site kindly notified neighbors via social media that there would be a lot of noise). If you missed it (or if you didn't), you'll find a photo album on Facebook with the day's events. The Christmas day reenactment is scheduled for 1 pm on December 25.

Railroad Museum of PA train layout at Governor's Residence via Facebook
It has become a holiday tradition for the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania to set up a model train layout at the Governor's Residence in Harrisburg. Staff from the museum were at the residence last week, and the public is invited to visit the trains (and other festive decorations) when Gov. Tom Corbett and First Lady Susan Corbett host their annual open house (12/14, 1-6 pm) and holiday tours (12/15-17, noon-2 pm).

Now where did I leave those snickerdoodles?


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Thank you so much for appreciating my Pennsbury Manor Holly Nights photograph and so kindly crediting me! It was a lovely shot and I am so glad it was featured on PATrailheads!

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