Well, they called that one right!

You'll find the January program page has some updated info. The February listings are up now, too, and I'll update them as info comes my way during the month..

In last week's post, I posed a question about whether the forecast snowstorm would be historic or a bust (I also misspelled "snowmageddon"). After closing Trails of History sites in the lower part of the state for the weekend and into the early part of this week, I think we know the answer. #Snowmageddon indeed.

Our offices in Harrisburg were closed Monday and Tuesday, so I am still playing catch-up. As I am prone to doing, I've trolled Facebook to glean some items of interest that I will share with you now. Starting with some lovely photos of snow.

(Top) Pennsbury Manor
(Middle) Somerset Historical Center
(Bottom trio) Washington Crossing Historic Park

Despite some snow (though not the "apocalyptic" (too much?) amounts we got in some parts of the state), the Knox Mine Disaster commemoration went on as planned at the Anthracite Heritage Museum in Scranton. They had good attendance and honored both those lost and those who survived (read more in this Citizens Voice article). In other Scranton news, the Scranton Iron Furnaces received a 2015 Happie Award from Happenings Magazine (Northeast PA) for Best Event Venue (they host numerous arts and cultural events each year).

Voting has opened for the 2016 Montgomery County Happenings List, and both Graeme Park and Hope Lodge are candidates for best historic spot (vote on the digital magazine's website). I mentioned last week that Washington Crossing Historic Park is in the running for the Bucks County Happening List in two categories, best historic spot and best scenic view (Bowman's Hill Tower).

This week's "PA Treasures" features a telescope that belonged to Dr. Joseph Priestley and is included in the State Museum's "PA Icons" exhibit. As you know, Dr. Priestley's American home and laboratory are part of the Trails of History.


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