March Already?

I put the March program page up earlier this week (which I guess is fitting, since it became March earlier this week). You may also want to check out the list of sites that will be open on Sunday, March 13, for Charter Day.

Running through my news feed this week I found several examples of PHMC sites on the Trails of History featured by other people who enjoy history and museums...

Photographer Jennifer MacNeill recently posted an album to her Facebook page with photos she took at Eckley Miners' Village. You may have seen some of her photos of Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum on Facebook or seen her work represented in the annual Art of State exhibition at the State Museum. Thanks for sharing these, Jennifer.

Uncovering PA's recent post, "10 Great Things to Do in Pennsylvania in March," includes PHMC's annual Charter Day celebration. Thanks, Jim Cheney, for including us!

The March/April 2016 issue of Pennsylvania Magazine includes a beautifully illustrated article about Old Economy Village by Paulette Dininny. This is not to be confused with another lovely article about Old Economy by curator Sarah Buffington in the winter 2016 issue of PHMC's Pennsylvania Heritage. Both articles are a great way to get caught up on the history while waiting for the centennial activities at the site to kick into high gear.

Lori Roscoe, from the Power Packs Project, will be one of the featured readers
at the Railroad Museum of PA on Saturday
Here's some of what's coming up this weekend on the Trails of History (more details on the March program page):


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