I thought it was spring, but I was wrong

Be sure to check out the April program page for a list of stuff to do this weekend and beyond.

As I write this, the "s" word has found its way back into the forecast for the weekend. In many years of involvement with the PHMC's Volunteer of the Year awards program, I don't think I've ever had to worry about snow, but sure enough, there it is. I'm very optimistic and don't think it will seriously hamper the festivities, but it's a real pain to have to think about it (and a blessing I don't take for granted that I don't have to do so very often). Watch for a post later this month recapping this year's honorees. This week's post, on the other hand, is all over the place.

Garden at Hope Lodge earlier this week - hope the flowers don't freeze (from Facebook)
Old Economy Village has reopened for the season, so the Centennial activities are getting started. A changing exhibit and a full slate of programs and activities are planned to mark 100 years of the commonwealth's ownership of the site. Among the events planned is "Descendants' Days," a multi-day program for descendants of Harmony Society members and the hired workers who were also part of their community. The program is being offered in partnership with the Harmony Museum in Harmony, PA, the first home of the Harmony Society (Economy was their third and last).

"Touch of Class," the newest resident of the barn at Pennsbury Manor, recently arrived from the Standardbred Retirement Association's Adoptahorse program
For more pictures of horses at historic sites (and lots of other beautiful things), check out photographer Jennifer MacNeill's latest pix from Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum.

Although the weather did not fully cooperate, the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum's first Community Day event was still quite successful (some photos). The trail hikes and the guided walk on the Sustainable Forestry Trail fell victim to snow and frigid temps, but demos in the logging camp and the displays by various community organizations in the Community Room went ahead (with some adjustments). Between 400 and 500 people were in attendance (many checking in via Facebook). All in all, a great day to introduce more people to the new building and its award-winning exhibit.

Last week was #MuseumWeek on Twitter, with museums all over the world taking part. Sean Adkins pulled together the PHMC Trails of History tweets on Storify, so you can see them all in one place if you weren't following along.

The Pithole Visitor Center (which is administered by Drake Well Museum) posted the following photo on their Facebook page this week. It was taken by intern Josh Long last summer at a vintage baseball game that was part of the Pithole 150 celebrations. Pithole invites you to spot the time-traveling object in the photo (comment on their FB page).

NEW INFO: A heads-up for those of you who have followed the Museum Dance-Off organized by "When You Work at a Museum" - this year's voting starts Monday, April 18. There were lots of entries, so voting in round one will be fast and furious (a detailed schedule and more car movie references on Tumblr). Can't wait! BREAKING NEWS: productivity across the museum-loving world will plummet as When You Work At A Museum is now posting the videos ahead of the start of voting. Sorry.


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