The Week in Review

The February program page is up, so you can plan ahead for the month to come. Not to rush the demise of January, though. There are still some January events, which I've listed below.

Horse at Pennsbury soaking hooves
TC gets her hooves soaked in epsom salts after the farrier trims them (via Pennsbury Manor Facebook page)

It may be the off-season at Pennsbury Manor, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. When there are animals to be cared for, that's a full-time, all-year endeavor. The Facebook post that carried the above photo noted that most horses do not cooperate as readily as TC with the hoof-soaking, intended to prevent bacteria from entering the freshly trimmed hooves. Winter has been fairly mild so far in the southeastern part of PA, allowing for more outside time for the animals and the people who take care of them. Landis Valley posted some photos of sheep, including a new lamb, enjoying the fresh air. We didn't compete in the #CuteAnimalTweetoff this week, but we'd have been heavy contenders if we had.

Sheep at Landis Valley enjoying mild January weather
Sheep outside the Log Farm at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum (via Facebook)

The Anthracite Heritage Museum in Scranton recently hosted their annual commemoration of the Knox Mine Disaster, which took the lives of twelve miners on Jan. 22, 1959. This year's event included a tribute to Bill Hastie, 97, the last surviving employee of the Knox Coal Company and an active speaker on the history and legacy of the disaster. An article in Wilkes-Barre's Times Leader has photos and a full description of the program.

The Times Leader also reviewed the premiere of Gunpowder Joe: Joseph Priestley, Pennsylvania, and the American Experiment, a new play by Anthony Clarvoe, now in performances at Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, through Feb. 5 (so still time to see it). An article in the Sunbury Daily Item explores some of the historical themes (political, religious, and scientific) and personages portrayed. Some of the action is set at Priestley's home in Northumberland, which is part of the Pennsylvania Trails of History.

Coming up...

Today, Jan. 27
Tomorrow, Jan. 28
  • Drake Well Museum's Something More Saturday has a Valentine's Day theme, "Love Among the Derricks." More info.
  • Fort Pitt Museum reopens after being closed most of the month for annual upkeep and cleaning.
Sunday, Jan. 29
  • Museum Store Folk Art Class at Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum - learn about about PA German painted furniture and decorate a miniature blanket chest. More details (including how to register and what kind of brushes to bring.)
  • UPDATE: You can meet artists Dominick Brandt, Ralph Hocker, and Don Lenker from 2 to 3 pm at the State Museum of PA. They are featured in the current exhibit, The 7 Lively Artists, which closes on Feb. 12. Included in regular admission.


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