On and Off the Trails Again

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There is no discernible theme to this week's post (shocking), so don't try to find one. On the other hand - if you do try, and you do find one, feel free to let me know in the comments! Otherwise, enjoy the stroll and enjoy the weekend.

Last week, Joseph Priestley House hosted their annual Oxygen Day event commemorating Dr. Priestley's scientific work on the isolation of the gas we call oxygen (he called it "dephlogysticated air"). In addition, the Friends of Joseph Priestley House invited descendants of Joseph and Mary Priestley to visit, providing behind the scenes tour of the home and Priestley-related sights in and around Northumberland (read more on the JPH website). Reporter Suzanne Goldklang of WNEP-TV covered the event and spoke with some of the descendants, including a teenage boy whose family recently discovered their connection to the Priestley family. (If the embedded video below does not play, you can find it on WNEP's website.)

Hearth cooking class at Graeme Park
Graeme Park shared this photo of Erin Agnew and participants in hearth cooking class on Sunday, Aug. 6 (via Facebook)
The first of four hearth cooking classes, "Let Food Be Thy Medicine," was offered at Graeme Park this past Sunday (to see other photos visit Graeme Park's Facebook page). It's not too late to sign up for the remaining three (discounts offered for members and for multiple classes). Online registration is available.

Reenactors Battle of Bushy Run
Col. Henry Bouquet (right) talks with colonials (photo Bushy Run Battlefield)
Bushy Run Battlefield commemorated the Battle of Bushy Run (Aug. 5-6, 1763) last weekend with their annual two-day reenactment. So that visitors can get the full scope of the history in one day, they always reenact the action of August 5 on Saturday morning and August 6 in the afternoon (then repeat on Sunday). An epic effort by Bushy Run board, staff, and volunteers along with all the reenactors who take part presenting British, colonial, and Native American forces. Museum facilitator Colleen Madore shared some photos with me (one of them is above) and there are more photos and video on Bushy Run's Facebook page.

Boot Camp for Kids at PA Military Museum
This year's participants in Boot Camp for Kids, PA Military Museum (via Facebook)
Last weekend was also the annual Boot Camp for Kids event at the Pennsylvania Military Museum, which provides boys and girls ages 8 to 13 with a taste of military training, teamwork, and rations, under the instruction of staff and volunteers with prior military experience. More photos are available on PMM's Facebook page. (I'm not sure I shared a link to images from last month's VIETNAM Revisited living history program, which you can also find on Facebook.)

Bundling flax at Landis Valley
First step in linen production: pull up the flax plants (via Landis Valley Facebook page
Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum shared some photos of Heirloom Seed Project staff and volunteers pulling and bundling flax plants that are now ready to be turned into linen at Colonial Williamsburg (close ups of the bundles on FB).

If you get a chance, catch "2017 Eclipse Across America" at the State Museum Planetarium between now and August 20 for a good overview of how eclipses work and what to expect from the one coming up on Aug. 21. If you haven't already gotten eclipse viewing glasses from a reputable dealer, you may have to improvise (here in PA, we'll get a 75-80% partial eclipse, which requires eye protection the entire duration).

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