Snapshots from the Trails of History

See below for info on this weekend's events on the Trails of History. Visit the May program page for additional information or to plan ahead for Memorial Day weekend.

There were some great visuals shared this week by sites on the Trails of History. Here are just a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

Variety of old metal paper clips removed from documents at Drake Well Museum
Photo via Drake Well Museum Facebook page
This looks like some kind of encoded message to me, but it is actually an array of metal paper clips removed from historic documents at Drake Well Museum and Park. According to Drake Well's Facebook post, a volunteer at the museum has been assisting with caring for documents from the United Refining Company Collection by removing the metal clips, pins, etc., and replacing them with plastic (metal fasteners have a tendency to rust and can do damage to long-term paper collections). Drake Well staff did some research to identify some of the clips:
Who thinks about the history of paperclips? The Early Office Museum does. That’s where I found information about the ones Mary Jane found. Left to Right Top Row: Mussian Paper Clip 1902; Owl 1905 to the present: Niagara clip patented 1897 and advertised until 1950; Standard Paper Clip advertised 1910-1941; Fay Paper Clip originally patented in 1867 and manufactured by many companies after 1896; straight pins; Rinklip patented 1903 and still made; Gem patented in 1903 still used. Bottom Row: little straight pin; Improved Niagara Paper Clip advertised 1908-1950; T-shaped pins were machine made for clothing by 1836 but were patented as paper clips in 1902. The rest are stamped out of sheet metal – star, smiley face and heart with no known maker – yet.

Two Drake Well Museum staffers host display at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
Photo via Drake Well Museum Facebook page
Also this week, folks from Drake Well's Mobile Energy Education Training Unit (MEET-U) staffed a display booth at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh. They promoted MEET-U programs, Drake Well, and the PHMC at this annual event that features nearly 2,000 high schoolers showcasing their inventions and independent research to approximately 11,000 attendees.

Army soldiers running the paths at PA Military Museum on a cloudy morning
Photo courtesy of PA Military Museum
Yesterday morning (Thursday, May 17) roughly 100 U.S. Army soldiers mustered on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Military Museum for PT (physical training). It's a little hard to see in the photo (I was afraid to crop too much of the scene), but the soldiers were running on the paths that circumnavigate the parade grounds. This Sunday, May 20, the grounds will be crowded with military equipment and personnel for the Pennsylvania National Guard's annual Celebration of Service.

PA Railroad round metal baggage tags marked "emigrant" (19th century?)
Photo via Railroad Museum of PA Facebook page
The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania posted a photo on Facebook of two rare baggage tags. The museum's collections include thousands of fascinating objects with stories to tell.
The story of the United States of America is one of migration of individuals, families and communities traveling to these shores and over this land, motivated by a quest for something better in life. These emigrant baggage tags were discovered in the ground in western Pennsylvania and are a rare find of tags issued by the Pennsylvania Railroad in Philadelphia, and made by the Hoole Manufacturing Company of New York.

Pennsbury Manor has introduced apiaries (bee hives) into the orchards (see video below from Facebook). Students attending the Pennsylvania Day school program in two weeks will get the first look at new bee-centered educational programs at the site.

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