500th Post!!

This is officially the 500th Trailheads post since we started back in August of 2009. On behalf of all who've posted, thanks for reading!

Last week's post included Trails of History events running through next Thursday (there have been a couple of updates) or you can check the August program page if you're planning further ahead.

Heading Home by Daven Anderson shows a large tanker and a smaller fishing boat
"Heading Home" by Daven Anderson is one of the featured works in a new exhibit at Erie Maritime Museum (used with permission)
Linda Bolla of the Erie Maritime Museum and U.S. Brig Niagara (a frequent Trailheads contributor and guest blogger these past 9 years) sent an update on the two-gallery exhibition opening at Erie Maritime this weekend. The overall title for the project is A Celebration of Life and Work on Our Waterways. The museum's West Wing Gallery will feature "THE RIVERS: A Celebration of Life and Work on America’s Waterways," a series of watercolors by Daven Anderson, Managing Director of the American Society of Marine Artists and Executive Director of the Missouri Watercolor Society. Anderson is a U.S. Coast Guard Artist and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. As a complement to Anderson's work, the museum's Orientation Theater will display works by members of Erie's BLOOM Collaborative, which is dedicated to promoting better health through the arts. Anderson will present a gallery talk on Saturday, Aug. 11, at 2 pm, and there will be an opening reception from 1 to 2:30 pm on Sunday, Aug. 12 (more info). The exhibits continue through Oct. 27.

Artist working on large painting of dolphin
Phil, a member of the BLOOM Collaborative, works on a large-format painting of a dolphin

From Graeme Park's Facebook page: Last Friday Grover Silcox and his crew showed up to film an episode of "Let's Go!"--a show that highlights family-friendly things to do and places to go in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Friends of Graeme Park Vice President Jack Washington volunteered to be the on-camera spokesperson (see photo below) and show them around, while a whole crew of costumed reenactors including John and Carol Brunner, Steve Griffith, Mary Washington, Julie Thibeau, Germain Ledoux, Bill Sparke, Jim Miller, Michael Carver, and Ellen Idelson, were on-hand to add to the Colonial atmosphere and show some local children how to play colonial games. The episode premiered last night but if you're in the WLVT viewing area, you can catch it again tomorrow (8/11) at 5:30 pm or on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 7.

Camera crew filming outside visitor center at Graeme Park
Jack Washington, center, talks to camera crew for an episode of "Let's Go!" (via Graeme Park Facebook page)

Bushy Run Battlefield hosted its annual reenactment this past weekend. TribLive covered the event, and you can read all about it in their article. You can also see photos and video on Bushy Run's Facebook page. This weekend, the site is bringing back its popular tabletop gaming event (read more about that on the event page).

The Boys and Girls Club of Somerset recently visited Somerset Historical Center to see their lime kiln (built on site over the past few years) and learn about how the different uses of lime (no, not the kind in margaritas, the kind that comes from limestone). They shared some great photos on their Facebook page.

And finally, if you're planning to see The Meg this weekend (or ever), you might want to check out this article from PennLive. They talked to State Museum of PA paleontology and geology curator Dr. Steven Jasinski about megalodons to help separate fact from movie fiction (lots of good photos in this one).

Enjoy your weekend!


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