Catching Up and Cooling Off on the Trails of History

Last week's post includes events through July 25, and the July program page does the rest. Highlights for this weekend are below.

Graphic with sun in the middle and tips for dealing with heat
Tips from the PA Department of Health (via Facebook)
As I write this (Thursday 7/18), the weather forecast for most of Pennsylvania is "hot, hot, hot," with the worst temps and heat index in southcentral PA. I'm not aware of any Trails of History program or schedule changes as of now, and I will do my best to add updates to this post as I can. As always, it's never a bad idea to check ahead with sites on social media or websites to be sure about schedules. Sites with outdoor events or activities will be keeping an eye on the health and safety of staff, presenters, and public (not to mention any animals that may be part of the program). Dress for the weather (as if you don't always do that), stay hydrated, and find the shady spots (more heat-related tips from ReadyPA). Of course, some Trails of History sites are fully air-conditioned - be prepared to have lots of company.

On the other hand, if you, like me, really cannot stand to leave the house when it's this hot, why not stay inside and immerse yourself in the 50th anniversary of the moon landing? I have a very sleepy memory of staying up really late to watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their first steps on the moon - truth to tell, 7-year-old me was probably asleep when Buzz left the lunar module. In the lead-up to the anniversary, I've watched (or watched again) a couple of documentaries and marveled at footage of the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket projected onto the Washington Monument (see that and more from the National Air and Space Museum). You can find a list of NASA's anniversary events on their website. The National Archives has gathered all kinds of resources you can browse and dive into, including an item that has always fascinated me--the memo sent by White House speechwriter William Safire to Richard Nixon's chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, with a suggested speech for the President in case Armstrong and Aldrin were stranded on the moon ("In the Event of Moon Disaster").

The State Museum of Pennsylvania has been celebrating Moon Madness (see website for activities today and this weekend). Earlier this week, they had a program for kids to learn about rockets, which culminated in a launch just outside on the plaza (see video below).

Scheduled for this weekend (as of 7/18)...

Drake Well Museum and Park
July 20-21: Historic Pithole open. Admission charged. 10 am-4 pm.

Graeme Park
July 21: Living History Sunday—learn about the traditions, games, crafts, and foodways of the Lenni Lenape (more info on the website). Admission charged for tours of the Keith House. Noon-3 pm.

Hope Lodge
July 21—the site is open for tours every Sunday, through mid-October. Admission is charged (cash or check only). Site is open 1-4 pm, with tours at 1 and 2:30.

Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum
July 20-21: Civil War Days—the site is transformed into a rural Pennsylvania village in 1863, with reenactors portraying soldiers and civilians (more info). The event takes place rain or shine. Admission charged; tickets are available online from Brown Paper Tickets. Food will be available for purchase. 10 am-4 pm both days.

Pennsbury Manor
July 21: Sunday Programmingsee what the cooks are up to in the kitchen. Included in regular admission. 1-4 pm.
July 20: Paths Less Traveled—explore basements, attics, and other spaces not generally included on tours. Benefit of membership in The Pennsbury Society (joining is easy). 10-11:30 am.
July 21: Play the Past!—learn 17th-century games that families would have played during their leisure time. Fun for all ages. Included in regular admission. 1-4 pm.

A man and a woman compete in a log rolling contest in sawmill pond at PA Lumber Museum
Log birling competitors at the PA Lumber Museum (photo via Facebook)
Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
July 20: 3rd Weekend Program—have you ever wanted to try log birling (aka log rolling)? This is your chance. Details are on the Facebook event page. Included in regular admission. 1-2 pm.

Pennsylvania Military Museum
July 20-21: VIETNAM Revisited—living historians will be on the grounds portraying American combat and support troops “in country” in the late 1960s. 10 am-5 pm (tactical demo at 1:30 pm each day).

Somerset Historical Center
Opens July 20: Traveling Exhibit—the center is hosting "We Can Do It," an exhibit from the Heinz History Center exploring Western PA's role and impact during World War II. SHC has also teamed up with the Turkeyfoot Historical Society to add a focus on Somerset County during the same period. Included in regular admission during regular operating hours (exhibit will be onsite through Sept. 15).

Photo of moon with words Moon Madness and July 17-21

State Museum of Pennsylvania
Please visit the State Museum website for a full schedule of Planetarium shows.
July 19: Summer Fridays—Fridays are "Pay as You Wish" for general admission (through Aug. 23). Regular fees apply for the Planetarium, and Curiosity Connection will have timed tickets between 10 am and 3 pm. At 12:15 pm, a special "Learn at Lunchtime" will be offered (see events page for details). Tonight for 3rd in the Burg, join Harrisburg Young Professionals for "Moon Madness," with a variety of activities from 5:30 to 7:30 (details).


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