Time to Listen and Think

The June program page has information on the status of Trails of History sites and lists some virtual programs, such as the Railroad Museum's Trivia Night tonight. It also contains a full list of links to Trails of History Facebook pages so that you can continue to enjoy our digital offerings. You'll also find some of those offerings in the Trailheads Rec Room (see links in the sidebar to the right of your screen); new material is added weekly so that you can see the most recent examples.

If you, like me, have a lot to learn about where we find ourselves as a society, to (as Andrew Plumley notes in the piece linked below) "become comfortable with being uncomfortable," there are many places to start. Here are a few:

The Facebook post above is from the National Museum of African American History and Culture and links to their new web portal, "Talking About Race."

Museum Education Roundtable's blog offers a list of ideas and resources.

Andrew Plumley, Director of Inclusion at The American Alliance of Museums (AAM), wrote this advice "For Museum Leaders Who Want to Do Better," but much of it is applicable to any of us, wherever we are.

Museums and Race compiled a reading list for those of us wanting to learn more.

La Tanya Autry and Mike Murawski started the "Museums Are Not Neutral" movement several years ago, and you can read more about that on Autry's Art Stuff Matters blog.

The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, in an email earlier this week, shared a list of 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice, by Corinne Shutack on the blog, Equality Includes You


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