Change is Constant

Well, I Tried
Bright green and black caterpillar shown among green leaves with a glimpse of a brick building in the background
This swallowtail caterpillar is munching on lovage in Pennsbury Manor's garden. What critters is your garden feeding this weekend? (Photo via Pennsbury Facebook page)

So what happened was...Although staff at our Trails of History sites have been at work in person for a while - some were on-site throughout the pandemic, others returned in April - it's my first week back in the office since March 2020. I'd been trying to anticipate what it would be like, but I failed to account for all the little pieces that went with teleworking for over a year. Things kind of got away from me, and I hit some technical glitches in readjusting. So this week's post is very brief (thank you for pretending to notice the difference).

Please check out the PHMC Events Calendar for information on upcoming programs (in-person and virtual).

However you're planning to spend your weekend, I hope you have a chance to rest and recharge. The gardens and grounds, not to mention the fascinating stories, on the Trails of History can offer the perfect spot to notice the changes that are all around us.


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