Volunteers of the Year 2022

White background with small white longstemmed flowers. A blue box contains text in white letters: "Thank you, PHMC Volunteers! National Volunteer Week 2022"

As National Volunteer Week draws to a close (tomorrow, April 23), let's take a few moments to thank all of PHMC's volunteers, who support the agency's programs and behind-the-scenes efforts in so many ways. It's been a rough couple of years (just call me the queen of understatement), and our volunteers have been patient and flexible, adapting to changes in how we work and how we serve the public. Because of the disruptions caused by being closed to the public for most of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, we expanded the timeframe for honoring volunteer service this year to include 2020 and 2021.

The 2020-21 honorees, including four recipients of the Outstanding Service Award, are pictured below, and there is a link for each so that you can read more about their volunteer activities (thank you to all the sites for providing this information). Please join me in congratulating them and thanking them for their support of the Pennsylvania Trails of History.

A quick note: Looking for the coming week's events? Up Next, April 22-29

Outstanding Service Awards

White man in a dark suit with white shirt and striped tie. He has white hair and wears glasses. He's standing in front of a large stone wall with a fireplace and a Christmas wreath.
Alan Mochnick, Bushy Run Battlefield (citation)
White man portraying a historic oilfield worker in a plaid shirt, dark pants, suspenders and a cap holds a wrench in his left hand. He is looking toward a piece of historic oil field equipment.
David Weber (in memoriam), Drake Well Museum & Park (citation)

White woman with short dark hair and glasses stands in front of a large fireplace wearing a dark green colonial-style dress with white edging, white gloves and a white cap. She is talking to a visitor wearing a dark gray jacket.
Jo Ann Long, Joseph Priestley House (citation)

White man in a blue sweater and brown pants stands in front of collections storage shelves. Next to him is a faceless mannequin with a WWI-era olive drab uniform jacket and hat.
Norman Oelschlegel, The State Museum of Pennsylvania (citation)

Volunteers of the Year for Service in 2020-21

White man with dark hair wearing a brown t-shirt and standing in front of a window with white vertical blinds.
Justin Skavery, Anthracite Heritage Museum & Scranton Iron Furnaces (citation)

Black man with glasses and graying goatee in Rev War uniform with black tricorn hat, white breeches, red stockings, blue coat with red and yellow edging. He's standing in the courtyard of a stone military barracks with red railings on balcony and stairs and holding a musket.
Noah Lewis, Brandywine Battlefield Park (citation)

White man with white hair wearing a blue and white check shirt stands in front of a stone fireplace next to a white man with brown hair wearing a gray patterned sweater.
Joe Ramus (left) and Larry Gesner, Bushy Run Battlefield (citation)

White man with dark hair and glasses wearing a sweater with ornate black and white pattern
David Sonnen, Conrad Weiser Homestead (citation)

White man with graying hair stands in front of a brown stone wall. He's wearing a blue button-down shirt with the words "Cornwall Iron Furnace" in the right of the photo.
White woman with blond hair and glasses wearing a red embroidered suede vest over a black top
(Top) Mike Weber - 2020; (bottom) Kathy Donaldson - 2021, Cornwall Iron Furnace (citation)

White man with gray beard wearing a black tricorn hat and ringing a small bell, wearing a red collared 18th-century style shirt under a brown waistcoat with silver buttons. Two stone buildings are in the background along with a stand of bare trees.
William Jewell, Daniel Boone Homestead (citation)

White man wearing white coveralls and green cap is in a garage-type space standing next to a large piece of oil field equipment with a large wheel on each side connected by multiple gears
White woman with shoulder-length white hair and glasses, wearing a black top with a red collar. A framed painting is partially visible behind her.
(Top) Richard Paul - 2020; (bottom) Jean Riddle - 2021, Drake Well Museum & Park (citation)

White man with dark hair wearing brown boots, khakis, a white shirt with sleeves rolled up, a dark tie and a black vest. He is seated and playing a small stringed instrument (lute or mandolin?) and the neck of a guitar played by someone else is visible.
Dave Matsinko, Eckley Miners' Village (citation)

Whitel woman with slightly graying short hair and glasses wearing an ivory cowl-necked sweater. She is in a living room and an evergreen branch is visible behind her.
Bonnie Martin, Ephrata Cloister (citation)

White man in a navy blue cap with the site logo. He is wearing a light blue collared shirt under a burgundy vest with his name "Bruce" and a silhouette of a two-masted ship in white with the words "U.S. Brig Niagara, Erie, PA." A scale model of the brig is behind him in a glass case.
Bruce Miller, Erie Maritime Museum & U.S. Brig Niagara (citation)

Profile view of a white woman with dark hair pulled into a ponytail outdoors at a table. She is wearing a pink 18th-century style gown with ruffled edging over a white petticoat and stomacher.
Melissa Kurek, Graeme Park (citation)

White man with white beard and mustache stands on snowy ground with evergreens behind him. He is wearing a brimmed brown hat with an orange and brown jacket and sunglasses hanging from a cord. He is holding a paper cup.
Mark Matt, Hope Lodge (citation)

White woman with dark hair wearing a 19th-century style dress with wide sleeves in light and dark blue shades with a matching bonnet tied with a dark blue bow beneath her chin. She is standing in front of a light colored stone wall. She is wearing black gloves and standing with her elbows at her sides, hands held with the palms toward the camera and the thumbs and index fingers pointing upward.
Laurie McCants, Joseph Priestley House (citation)

White man with slightly graying hair and glasses. He is wearing a plaid collared shirt with shades of white, gray, and black and standing in front of a dark green curtain.
White woman with brown hair and glasses sits in a collections workspace wearing a cream-colored cardigan over a white top. She's holding a pencil to fill out some forms in front of her as she examines two stereograph cards.
(Top) Bob Haas - 2020; (bottom) Sharon Koziar - 2021, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum (citation)

Three white men stand together with snow on the ground, there is snow on the roof of the rear porch of the house behind them. Man on left has gray hair and a gray goatee and mustache and is wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt under a gray zippered vest. Man in middle has brown hair and is wearing sunglasses and a white checked shirt. Man on right has graying hair and mustache and is wearing a blue denim shirt with "Old Economy Village" over the left pocket.
(From left) Ted McAuley, Joe Pulgini, and Warren Kinneer, Old Economy Village (citation)

White man with sunglasses sits on a wooden bench petting a small white dog. He is wearing a yellow cap, blue pants, and a long-sleeved top with thin blue and white stripes. There is a canal behind him with palm trees and buildings visible on the other side of it.
James Pagliaro, Pennsbury Manor (citation)

White man with a gray mustache and glasses holds 3 large wooden disks and is wearing brown pants with suspenders, an orange t-shirt, and a beige cap. Behind him is a mud pit, a grassy field, and rows of spectators behind an orange plastic fence.
Michael Callahan, Pennsylvania Lumber Museum (citation)

White man with short gray hair and glasses looks just left of camera. He is wearing a black collared shirt with a PA Military Museum lanyard visible around his neck.
Victor Campbell, Pennsylvania Military Museum (citation)

White man with gray hair and glasses wearing a bright green t-shirt with "Rails & Ales" program logo. A pile of blue wristbands are in front of him ready to be put on attendees.
James Cleveland, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (citation)

White man with short dark hair, close-cropped beard and mustache. He is wearing a black t-shirt.
White man with light brown hair wearing a blue polo shirt that says "Cisco". There is a light brown curtain behind him as well as some white balloons visible in the upper left corner of the photo.
(Top) Jeffrey Shaffer; (bottom) Michael Rhoades, Somerset Historical Center (citation)


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