Gilpin Land Indenture

Framed document written in iron gall ink on vellum in 18th century script
Land indenture conveying property from Joseph (Sr) and Hannah Gilpin to their son Joseph Jr (BB85.1.35)

This Indenture made the fifteenth day of February Ano Dom 1729 30 Between Joseph Gilpin of Brumingham [sic] in the County of Chester [symbol?] Province of Pensilvania [sic] yeoman and Hannah his wife / of the one[smudge] part and Joseph Gilpin of the same place Blacksmith (one of the Sons of the [symbol] Joseph & Hannah) of the other part Witnesseth that the (symbol) Joseph Gilpin the father & Hannah his Wife for the Consideration of five [illeg.] / Shillings lawful money of the [symbol] Province to thomin[?] hand paid by their [symbol] Son Joseph Gilpin the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge Have Bargained & Sold And by these[?] presents DO Bargain & Sell unto the [symbol] / Joseph Gilpin the Son two [sic] Certain Messuages or Tenements with two pieces or parcels of Land thereunto belonging Situate in Brumingham afo [?] One of which [symbol] parcels Begins at a Hickery [sic] Tree being on Corner of the / Land late of Edmund Butcher thence North Sixty Six Degrees East by the Land late of Samuel Scott One Hundred & Seventy perches to a post thence by other Land of the [symbol] Joseph Gilpin North west forty two perches to a / post South Eighty Degrees West Sixty perches to a Post North forty four perches to a Gum Tree West by North fifty one perches to a post North twenty degrees East twenty Six perches to a post North Sixty degrees West / fifty two perches to a White Oak thence South fifty four degrees West by the Land late of Joseph Gilpin Junior Sixty two perches to a post thence South twenty four degrees East by the Land of John Wyeth and the [symbol] / Edmund Butcher One Hundred & Seventy two perches to the place of Begining [sic] Containing one Hundred & twenty four acres The other of the [symbol] parcels of Land Begins at a White Oak Tree Standing by a Small Stream / in the line of William Sambell’s [correct last name?] Land then by the Same line west Southwest thirty four perches to a Corner Hickery [sic] tree Standing near Robert Stevon’s Land thence South five degrees Easterly ten pches [sic] & a half to a Corner post Standing / by the great road leading from Chester to Notingham [smudged] then by the [symbol] road East Sixteen degrees Northerly thirty four porches to a Corner post Standing on a bank Side near the said road then North eight degrees Westerly eight pches [sic] to a Corner / post Standing by a Small Stream than [sic] West eight [? smudged] degrees Southerly perch to a Corner post Standing [smudged] [illegible, smudged and rip] North Eight degrees Westerly two pches [sic] to a Corner post Standing near the [symbol] Stream thence East Eight Degrees / northerly one perch to a Corner post by a bank Side than [sic] North Eight degrees Westerly Six pches [sic] to the place of Beginning [sic] Containing two acres & one Hundred & twenty eight perches Together with all the Outhouses Barns buildings / Gardens Orchards Woods Meadows Fields Pastures Ways Waters Water Courses Fishings Fowlings Huntings rights Liberties Privileges [sic] Hereditaments & Appurtenances whatsoever to the [symbol] Bargained premises [sic] belonging or in every / wise appertaining And the Reversions & Remainders Rents Issues & profits thereof To Have and To Hold the [symbol] Bargained premises [sic] with their appurtenances unto the [symbol] Joseph Gilpin the Son his Executors Administest [sic] / & Assigns from the day of the date hereof for & During the term of one year from thence next Ensuring & fully to be Compleat & Ended To the Intent that by virtue of these presents and of the Statute[?] made for Transferring / of [illeg.] into Possession the [symbol] Joseph Gilpin the Son may be in the Actual Possession of all the [symbol] Bargained Premisses [sic] with their Appurtenances And may be Enabled to take & accept of A Grant Release & Confirmation / of the Same to him his Heirs & Assigns for ever [sic] In Witness whereof the [symbol] parties to these presents have Interchangeably Set their hands and Seals hereunto Dated the Day & Year first above Written [symbol]. <br />
<br />
Sealed and Delivered /Joseph Gilpin[wax seal] In the presence of John Jay [? Illegible]Hannah Gillpin [sic] Joseph Williams George Middleton [?]