Wednesday Tidbits--August 25, 2010

Several quick items to break up your week (mine too):

Congratulations to the staff and volunteers of The State Museum of Pennsylvania, which has been awarded subsequent accreditation by the American Association of Museums following a thorough self-study and peer review. Once a museum becomes accredited by AAM, it must repeat the review process periodically to make sure that it continues to meet the high (and constantly evolving) standards of the profession. For more info, go here.

PHMC/Drake Well Museum

As construction continues on the expanded and revitalized main building at Drake Well Museum, the staff have posted some photos on Facebook. I’ve chosen before (above) and in-progress (below) views of the building—a new entrance and lobby are just part of the changes to come. Stay tuned.

PHMC/Drake Well Museum

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania was featured last week on the blog, Mama Cheaps. Mama, along with husband Biker Bob and daughter Lily Bean, visited a number of locations in Lancaster County; their trip to the Railroad Museum was a hit.


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