Wednesday Tidbits

Some interesting stuff has come through my inbox that I thought I’d pass along now rather than waiting for the Friday post.

PHMC/Eckley Miners' Village (photo: Bob Quarteroni)

From Eckley Miners’ Village:
In the photo above, a group of teachers from Ireland listen to Eckley tour guide Jolene Busher at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, constructed in 1861. The Irish Teachers Program, based at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, has brought visitors to Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1974. This year’s group lifted the total number of participants past 1,000. The elementary and secondary school teachers also toured the Lackawanna Coal Mine and Harveys Lake and took a walking tour of Wilkes-Barre before heading to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Lancaster, Gettysburg and New York City.

PHMC/Pennsylvania Military Museum (photo: William Cawthern)

From the Pennsylvania Military Museum:
The annual VIETNAM Revisited program (held July 24-25) featured realistically hot, humid, rainy weather. In the photo above, Reuters News Service photographer Aaron Heiner learns about the M38A1 Jeep from volunteer John Wagner, Jr. To find out more about the program and see additional photos of the event (including Mr. Heiner’s), click here. There’s also a riveting (for me, at any rate) video of a reenacted patrol on YouTube.

Finally, the latest issue of Access Archives is available from the Pennsylvania State Archives—click here.


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