Tidbits from the PA Trails of History

Most sites on the Trails of History will be closed Monday, Oct. 14, for Columbus Day. The exceptions are: Drake Well Museum, Fort Pitt Museum, and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

We have a little less than 3 weeks left to back our favorites in the Pennsylvania’s Top 10 Endangered Artifacts campaign. Please vote, support, and share. So far there are lots of votes, but not nearly as many shares, and way fewer (what am I, 15?) supports. C’mon. It’s really easy. Not to influence the outcome or anything, but I’d like to steer you toward George Rapp’s cap and coat at Old Economy Village and Anthracite Heritage Museum’s bust of Abraham Lincoln by coal sculptor C. Edgar Patience. Both are currently in the top 5; help push them to the top!

Pennbury Manor shared this on Facebook from American Historical Theater (AHT) earlier this week: “AHT is partnering with History Making Productions to cast background extras and principals (non speaking) for a new series of documentaries and webisodes about Philadelphia. The focus of the film revolves around William Penn, the Lenape Tribe, the first Swedish settlers and Pennsbury Manor.” You’ll find casting lists and contact info on AHT’s FB page; no dates for auditions, etc., when I last checked (yesterday).

Reconstruction of the Manor House section of
Pennsbury's Visitor Center exhibit

While we’re on the subject of Pennsbury, just a reminder that they are still gathering memories and stories in preparation for their 75th anniversary as a public museum in 2014. You can post yours on Pennsbury’s FB page.

Last week’s post was a rundown of events this month at Trails of History sites. If you’re looking for something to do this long weekend:


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