Trailheads: Special Halloween Edition

This is a thinly disguised final, urgent, anguished plea for votes for the PA's Top 10 Endangered Artifacts campaign. You have until midnight, mwahhahhhahhh. UPDATE NOV. 1: I WAS SOOOOO WRONG. YOU CAN STILL VOTE UNTIL TONIGHT. GO. GO. GO. Coal sculptor C. Edgar Patience's bust of Abraham Lincoln from the Anthracite Heritage Museum and George Rapp's cap and coat from Old Economy Village are in 2nd and 3rd place. Let's see if we can move them up to the top.

Boo!! Here’s a little something extra for the day.

Blue Ridge Communications visited several sites in Lancaster County to talk about haunted history. You can find the extended version of the program on YouTube or if you live in the Blue Ridge service area on Channel 11. To save you some time, there are shorter clips below for Ephrata Cloister and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

And a few still photos from sites on the Trails of History.

Daniel Boone Homestead via Facebook

Eckley Miners' Village via Facebook

Pennsbury Manor via Facebook


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