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Last week's post covers events this weekend through next Thursday, and the April program page is now available. Hard to believe that March is almost over.

UPDATED 3/29 1 pm to include a little fan-girling...

Our preservation and stewardship work on the Trails of History is vitally important, but so is the work of sharing our historic sites and their stories with the public. I had a handful of interesting examples in my news feed this week. Is it a coincidence that most of them involved food? You be the judge.

Today, March 29, marks the 200th birthday of Col. Edwin Drake, who drilled the first successful oil well in northwestern PA. Last week, as part of the Petroleum Program Series, staff and volunteers at Drake Well Museum and Park presented an educational talk about Col. Drake, his wife Laura, and the birth of the petroleum and gas industry (see article from the Titusville Herald for an indepth look). Tomorrow, March 30, visit Drake Well for a meet and greet with the Colonel at 12:30 pm - there will be cake.

Curator and reenactors in front of historic photo of Edwin Drake
From left: Drake Well Curator Susan Beates, Volunteer Bob Archer as Col. Drake, and Museum Educator Sarah Goodman as Laura Dowd Drake (via Facebook)

Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum introduced a new program earlier this month called "Lunch with the Landis Brothers," which included behind-the-scenes tours of the museum collection initiated by George and Henry Landis and the museum they founded on their family's property. On May 4, you can take tea with George and Henry's younger sister, Nettie May, and learn about her life and times (more info on the website).

Henry and George Landis, portrayed by Tim Essig and Rick Brouse
From left: Museum Educator Timothy Essig as Henry Landis and Landis Valley Associates Board Member Rick Brouse as his brother George (via Facebook)

Earlier this week, members of the Friends of Old Economy Village were treated to "Coffee with the Curator" and enjoyed a close-up look at some of the original Harmonist artifacts in the collection. Membership in the various Associate groups on the Trails of History supports the programs and projects at their respective sites. Benefits generally include general admission and museum store discounts, but also access to members-only programs and behind-the-scenes tours.

Curator Sarah Buffington shows artifacts to members-only audience
The historic Granary building at Old Economy Village was the setting for curator Sarah Buffington's presentation (via Facebook)

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