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Last week's post listed events through next Thursday (May 16) and the full May program page will take you to the end of the month.

Also, don't forget that next week (May 13-19) is @MuseumWeek, an international social media event with daily hashtags and a chance to share with museums worldwide.

You know what they say. I'm saving the thousand words and sharing these images of recent events and happenings on the Trails of History. Also, in what can best be called a "quirky" move, I've added a feature to the About Us section (to your right) called "PHMC Historical Marker Watch" where I can save Facebook posts, tweets, etc. that feature PHMC's blue and gold historical markers. I've noticed that lots of folks use those markers in images of other things to denote that the content is about history. So, to amuse myself if no one else, I decided to start gathering them in one place. There are only two entries on the page as of now, but I'll build as we go. Feel free to add your own examples in the comments. (UPDATE: It's not just me! Yay! Karen Galle, who oversees the PHMC Historical Marker program, pointed me to Laura Klotz's blog, "Marker Quest," that is focused on the markers.)

Staff of PHMC and DCNR standing in front of Webber Cabin
Photo provided by PA Lumber Museum

Earlier this week, while in the PA Wilds for various meetings, Cindy Adams Dunn, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), stopped by the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. Dunn (third from right in the photo above) had a chance to visit the Webber Cabin. The relocation of Bob and Dotty Webber's cabin to the museum grounds was made possible by the work and cooperation of many people, including staff from DCNR, PHMC, and the Lumber Museum (site administrator Josh Roth is second from left in the photo) as well as volunteers and board members from the PA Lumber Museum Associates (a Trailheads post from July 2018 has more info). The working relationship between DCNR and the Lumber Museum/PHMC has been extraordinarily productive and has involved all aspects of operations, from structures and trails to exhibits and public programs. Secretary Dunn and other DCNR staff also had a brief tour of the museum's award-winning core exhibit, "Choices and Challenges in Pennsylvania's Forests" (photo below).

Visitors and staff in museum exhibit at PA Lumber Museum

Interior of historic wagon works with belt-driven machinery

Staff and volunteers from Cornwall Iron Furnace took a field trip to the Berks Heritage Center, Canal Museum, and the Gruber Wagon Works to check out how other industrial history sites tell their stories (via Facebook)

Tent and firewood that were part of Civil War encampment at PA Military Museum

Civilian and military reenactors took part in the PA Military Museum's recent Civil War encampment event (more photos of the Civil War event and photos of the World War I event are available on Facebook)

I'll leave you with the following video about a recent project featuring music composed at the Ephrata Cloister. It's about 5 minutes long and well worth your time (you can also go directly to YouTube to watch it).


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