National Volunteer Week

Please check the PHMC Events Calendar if you're looking for virtual programs. I've highlighted events below, but there's more to see in the weeks ahead. The Trailheads Rec Room to the right of your screen has all kinds of online offerings--available whenever you need some entertainment.

Blue shimmering background with a gray box in the center. Text in white letters reads "Thank You, PHMC Volunteers! National Volunteer Week 2021"
National Volunteer Week this year is April 18-24, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the PHMC volunteers out there who have helped us weather a very weird year. Every site's experience has been a bit different since we closed to the public in mid-March 2020, but I think it's safe to say that "normal" operations and activities were disrupted. Volunteers do many things at our sites. Those involved in public programming were sidelined, but that doesn't mean they didn't stay engaged. At a number of our sites, staff organized Zoom sessions where volunteers could learn new information, visit other Trails of History sites remotely, and enjoy a virtual happy hour together. At some sites, volunteers were engaged with checking on buildings, maintaining a social media presence, and supporting virtual programs.

Because of, well Covid everything, we didn't do our usual round of nominations for Volunteer of the Year. We're still hoping to hold a ceremony later this fall to recognize, in person, the people honored for service in 2019 (read all about them in the April 17, 2020, Trailheads post). With sites reopening on April 30, we hope that we will work our way back into a rhythm and get back on track. In the meantime, thank you for everything!

Upcoming Virtual Events

Today, April 16
  • Flyover PA: TM Fowler's Bird's-Eye Views of PA, speaker: Dr. Curt Miner, The State Museum of PA, 12:15-12:45 pm EDT (visit SMP Facebook event to register)
Saturday, April 17
  • Naval Wargaming - A Brief History, speaker: Ed Bolla, Erie Maritime Museum, 2-3 pm EDT (visit EMM Facebook event to register)
  • Poison Gas Use in World War I, speaker: Ron Lenox, PA Military Museum, 2-3 pm EDT (visit PMM Facebook event to register)
Sunday, April 18
Tuesday, April 20
  • 18th- and 19th-Century African American History in Pennsylvania German Lancaster County, speaker: Dr. Leroy Hopkins, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, 7-8 pm EDT (Zoom link to register)
Thursday, April 22
  • Simple Machines: Railroad Edition, Railroad Museum of PA, tickets by donation, 10-11 am EDT (Eventbrite link to register)


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