Volunteers of the Year for Service in 2019

PHMC's offices and Trails of History sites are currently closed to the public through April 30 May 8 (per Gov. Wolf on 4/20/20). The best way to stay up-to-date on site activities and plans is via social media. The April program page has a list of Facebook links for each site; you can find their other social media platforms that way. For up-to-date information on Pennsylvania's response to COVID-19, please visit the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health website.

Well, it's National Volunteer Month, but nothing about this is normal. We had planned to hold our annual Volunteer of the Year recognition event tomorrow, April 18. Instead we have postponed it and hope to reschedule some time this summer. We're doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, which regular Trailheads readers know from following our posts in recent weeks. Nevertheless, I'm sad that we aren't able to gather in person, yet, to thank this year's honorees (keep your eye on PHMC's social media channels tomorrow, however). Our volunteers provide so much talent to support what we do on the Trails of History, we can never fully thank them. But we can try.

The 2019 honorees, including the recipients of the Outstanding Service Award, are pictured below, and there is a link for each so that you can read more about their volunteer activities (thank you to all the sites for providing this information). Please join me in congratulating them and thanking them for their support of PHMC's Bureau of Historic Sites and Museums, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Outstanding Service Award

Smiling older man with gray hair, wearing blue sweater and lanyard
Smiling older women with brown hair, wearing blue sweater and lanyard

Jack (in memoriam) and Maxine Gold, Erie Maritime Museum & U.S. Brig Niagara (citation)

Volunteers of the Year for Service in 2019

Man wearing collared shirt with stripes, seated at desk with hands folded

James Shemanski, Anthracite Heritage Museum & Scranton Iron Furnaces (citation)

Woman in tan coat stands to left behind a table, there is a red and white Rev War era flag hanging from the ceiling

Stephanie (Stevie) Demott, Brandywine Battlefield Park (citation)

Woman with brown hair wearing a red plaid shirt and solid red vest stands in front of a stone wall

Jean Saunders, Bushy Run Battlefield (citation)

Man wearing glasses and a plaid shirt stands in front of a light-colored wall

Garry Zerbe, Conrad Weiser Homestead (citation)

Man wearing glasses and sweater with blocks of gray, white and black stands in front of a stone wall

Bruce Chadbourne, Cornwall Iron Furnace (citation)

Man with beard wearing shorts, t-shirt, and green apron stands in front of a large barbecue smoker filled with racks of ribs

Bruce Peterson, Drake Well Museum & Park (citation)

Smiling blond woman wearing a black turtleneck and red sweater stands in front of a tan wall

Georgia Nause, Eckley Miners' Village (citation)

Man with a gray and white beard wearing a checked shirt and standing in front of a reddish wall

David Heffley, Ephrata Cloister (citation)

Two men stand in front of a replica of a ship's mast and rigging. Man on left wears a dark long-sleeved shirt and is holding a framed certificate. Man on right has a beard and wears a long-sleeved shirt and quilted vest. Both are wearing glasses.

Larry Kisielewski (left) and Brian Bailey, Erie Maritime Museum & U.S. Brig Niagara (citation)

Man with goatee wears a collared shirt and dark blazer. He is standing in front of a light-colored wall with a leaf and vine pattern.

Bob Bradley, Hope Lodge (citation)

Man with glasses wears a checked shirt, striped tie and gray blazer

George Godlewski, Joseph Priestley House (citation)

Two men stand on either side of a white picket fence. Man on left wears a long-sleeved white shirt, brown vest, and straw boater hat. Man on right wears a long-sleeved check shirt, blue vest, and a brown cap.

Sam Wise (left) and Connell O'Brien, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum (citation)

Woman in white shirt and dark pants wears white gloves and is wrapped in bubble wrap. Another woman stands behind her.

Coralee Syrko (in front), Old Economy Village (citation)

Woman wearing 17th-century style skirt and short gown with white kerchief and white cap. She is seated at a spinning wheel in an outdoor setting.

Peggy Lehnen, Pennsbury Manor (citation)

Man in jeans and t-shirt wears safety helmet and eye and ear protection. He is operating a large sawmill used to cut lumber from logs.

Dan Davis, Pennsylvania Lumber Museum (citation)

Man with a mustache wearing blue shirt with the words "Pennsylvania Military Museum" and his name "Mike" embroidered on it

Michael Poorman, Pennsylvania Military Museum (citation)

Man wearing jeans and long-sleeved denim shirt with Railroad Museum logo. He is standing in front of a large model railroad layout.

George Swartz, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (citation)

Man wearing blue pants and a blue shirt with red and white stripes. He is standing in front of a museum exhibit that includes a large black and white photo of a house, a spinning wheel, and a larger wheel on a frame

Chris Zanoni, Somerset Historical Center (citation)

Woman with short hair wears a pale pink turtleneck and a lavender sweater. She is wearing a necklace made of gold or silver wire and freshwater pearls

Patricia Sabold, The State Museum of Pennsylvania (citation)

Woman wearing a short-sleeved white top standing in front of a large bush with dark green leaves and dark pink blossoms

Myretta Anderson, Pennsylvania State Archives (citation)


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