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It’s midweek and I thought I’d try to liven things up a bit to stave off the early summer doldrums (although I have to admit that June has really flown by for me). Anyway, I’m going to give the "Name That Zoom" game another try (many thanks to irishshamrocks for playing the first round).

Since we’re heading into a holiday weekend, I’m giving you an easy one. Name that zoom (use the comments feature to play along).

And while we’re taking things easy, here are a couple of YouTube videos you might enjoy. The first shows the Civil War Road Show trailer being set up (man, they’re fast) and the second is from the Pennsylvania Military Museum’s World War II Revisited program on Memorial Day weekend. Happy viewing!

Don’t say you weren’t given any hints. (I’ll post the answer next week.)


John Robinson said...

It's the Pennsylvania Military Museum, of course!

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