Volunteers of the Year, Part 3

This is part three in a multi-part tribute to PHMC’s Volunteer of the Year honorees.

On April 30, we honored volunteers of the year from all of the sites on the Trails of History at a program and lunch at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. In two previous blog posts, we introduced you to a dozen of this year’s award recipients; this week we feature six more (click on the name to read a fuller description). I continue to be amazed at and grateful for the time and energy these wonderful people contribute to our collective work. Thank you again.

At Joseph Priestley House, board member Cindy Inkrote stepped in to help keep the site open to the public after budget cuts in 2009. In addition to opening and closing the property, she is also on call for emergencies and works both behind the scenes and with the public.

Russell Eaton has worked for several years to organize Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum’s postcard collection, one of the museum’s largest artifact groups. Russ has curated several themed exhibits of the collection and has helped to identify postcards with Landis Family correspondence among the vast array.

A volunteer at Old Economy Village since 2005, John Voss contributes a great deal of time in the maintenance shop, stopping by at least weekly to see what needs to be done. His cooking skills have also benefited the staff and volunteers, both as part of public programs, but also in the brownies he shares on his frequent visits.

As President of the Pennsbury Society, Michael Hall has devoted his attention to board recruitment and development at Pennsbury Manor. He has worked with the local community and other museums to find resources and direct them in support of the site’s mission.

Jean and Pete Folk work together and separately in a variety of ways to support the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. From chairing the spring and fall Heritage Days shows to greeting visitors at the front desk, they show their dedication to the museum and set an example for others.

At the Pennsylvania Military Museum, Lucille Fuller found an outlet for her scrapbooking and sewing skills, helping to organize the site history files and mending flags, clothing, and other fabrics. Her willingness to turn her hobby interests into a volunteer commitment are greatly appreciated.

In two weeks, we’ll wrap up our salute to volunteers for this year.


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