Volunteers of the Year, Part 4

This is the final installment in a multi-part tribute to PHMC’s Volunteer of the Year honorees for 2010.

Way back at the end of April, PHMC honored a wonderful group of volunteers for service at sites on the Trails of History in 2010. Periodically, Trailheads has shared a bit of information about them (here, here, and here), and today we conclude our salute for this year (click on the name to read more info). The volunteers who participate in the work of our sites make it possible for us to serve the public in ways we could not without their help. So, once again, thank you all for your dedication and devotion.

Between the two of them, Chuck and Eileen Coxson have supported just about every major program at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania with their time and enthusiasm. From craft projects for summer camp to guiding school tours to building projects in the education center (and lots more), they have shared their energy with visitors young and older.

At the Somerset Historical Center, Roy Phillips has made a significant contribution to the crafts program through his demonstration of tinsmithing, which he initially studied as part of Somerset’s apprenticeship program. He continues to develop his skills while also assisting with school groups, distance learning programs, and anything else that needs doing.

Kevin Dermody, a devoted volunteer in the State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Dino Lab, made news this spring when a fossil he uncovered in the lab in 2004 was confirmed as a new dinosaur.

As co-chair of the Grounds Committee at Washington Crossing Historic Park, Rudy Blair helps to maintain the park’s more than 500 acres and 50 buildings. His efforts have led to the reclamation of Delaware River viewpoints and park areas that had become overgrown and inaccessible.

Each site on the Trails of History recognizes a Volunteer of the Year. In addition, nominations are received for an Outstanding Service Award to honor those who have had a long-term, sustained commitment to a site. This year, Gloria Harris was recognized for her 38 years of service to the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum.

Inaugurated last year, the Chairman’s Special Award recognizes volunteer service in the area of fundraising. For her work at Bushy Run Battlefield, which has included raising money to secure additional portions of the battlefield and to renovate the orientation theater in the visitor center, this year’s recipient is Jean Loughry.

Thank you again to all of our volunteers. We look forward to recognizing next year’s honorees.


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